Your neighbourhood. Your pub.

Welcome to Mackenzie's! We're a classic neighbourhood pub near High Park and in the heart of the Annex.

Whether you're looking for a comfortable place to go for a pint after work, a casual dinner with friends, or somewhere to catch the game, Mackenzie's is sure to please. We offer exceptional service and great food for lunch, dinner, or your weekend brunch.

Drop by and get to know your neighbours, have a pint or two, watch the game, or play some trivia. On your own tonight? There is always someone you know at Mackenzie's!

  • Movember, Rickards Red
    Get your Rickard's Movember mug at Mackenzie's The Annex and Mackenzie's High Park!!
  • Catch the game
    Catch your favorite game on our Big Screen TVs.
  • Card Games, Euchre, Poker
    Mackenzie's Card Games: Euchre and poker tournaments every week